Speaking after Covid most the businesses either went bankrupt or switched online!

What could be the science behind it. As shown in the above theory diagram it simply illustrates the 3 main aspects to be wealthy. So, what does that have to do with being online or offline? SCALABILITY. By having your business run online you are not in fear to pandemics & space for growth. You could sell tangible goods, but the operation & marketing is online. What is even better is to offer online services. Working from home at the best place & time handed is what Covid & the economy wants today. No matter how well studied & operated your business is, if there are not customers buying from you due to capabilities (Lockdown, location, time etc.) you are running out of business & your scalability is very low. That means less growth, less revenue, less return on investment & less marketing – market because you have less customers to feed the business.

At any age today – the best investment you should start to focus on is yourself. Learn how to operate online & hand your trust to a desired mentor for building your dream team which are levels above & more successful than you if success is what you want.

Leverage is what the rich use & the poor don’t. The rich work for it just as much as how often they count their money.

Why is that so? Simply because you can only do so much. Working smart eats working hard for breakfast. Just like having the right culture in your work team eats strategy for breakfast. Also why is that? Because again simply it all boils down to leverage & delegating the expertise to the right experiences & skills.

“Let the baker make the bread”

For you to have enough knowledge, skills & experience in (marketing, sales, IT & operation) will cost your management & leadership too much to run your business. So, what you do is you hire the people who are already successful by checking their history just like how you should do prior to purchasing a running business in their last 10 years.

Question: So, what good can I bring to the table if my team surpasses me decades beyond?

Answer: The intangible goods = The Mission & Vision, management, leadership, spirit, control, faith, belief, order etc.

To your Success