5 Senses

Here is a quick take on lesson which I have learned from “Jay Shetty” author of the book “Think Like a Monk” on techniques that you can apply to bring yourself back to the present moment whenever/wherever you are. Simply by using our 5 senses: look, hear, smell, taste & touch.

You can start with any sense to begin with in any order you prefer. You will only need to make each sense work for 1 thing at a time.

Look: choose one thing to look at

Hear:  recognize one sound in your current environment to listen to

Smell: choose 1 smell to sense

Taste: focus on 1 taste to recognize

Touch: touch & feel 1 thing close by

Apply this method & choose how long you prefer to use for each sense in order to bring your focus & attention back to the present moment be staying still where you are.

This method will help you drastically in your stillness, focus, memory, mind & body control.

Once you gain minor control of the monkey mind even if it was for only 1-2 minutes you have reached a breaking point in your life in all aspects, because now you can plan & execute freely where ever you are in your life situation/circumstances for best possible actions, solutions & results.

Gradually by incorporating this technique you can apply it in your meditations where it will lead you to more control & peace of mind in your life for your life as whole. In addition, your vision of your future will be more clear & visible because you are no longer defined by your past/problems that are distracting us 90% of the time in our day-to-day lives away from your goals & the life of our dreams.

Awareness is the first key to success!