Did you know?

By staring for a couple of minutes a day on a candle can keep the fire desire lit within.

A famous quote by Steve Jobs is to “Stay hungry & foolish.”

This philosophy will not only make you be stronger than your external knockouts & disappointments that you will 100% face in any path you wish to lead & win at but also it is something nobody can take away from you just like knowledge & experience where you can use for rebuilding any empire in a better way at any given time of your life.

Before I share my professional career with you here let me give you a hint on how to have the confidence to stay hungry & selfish:

—avoid people who bring you down
—avoid activities that drain your hope
—avoid books and shows that steal your joy
—avoid thoughts that degrade your game
—avoid places that make you feel bad

Moving on to my story, simply after graduating from University in Business Management program, I worked in UK which I call my second home as internship for 6 months in the travel industry where I believe gaining the experience is worth more than the salary I will be receiving. I had the mindset since young of seeking knowledge & experience more than money (could be because it is easier to obtain) but I don’t regret it because it is a habit of the rich. So, once I finished the internship & decided not to further continue with the company due to broken promises I decided to join a leading company in Kuwait in the FMCG industry for a year. That time I was not using pen & paper after my academic career but somehow in the plan in the back of my mind I knew I would not be long there.

Further after I joined the banking industry because I believed I should now start investing in building myself to build my businesses & not only focus on the salary & leisure’s which I most love to do- travel. After working for 8 years in the banking industry I realized that I must not be loyal to any job because not only I am not part of the ownership/equity in the firm but also the work environment was not as professional & ethical to be at in the first place.

So with that mindset, being pushed around & hurt was not that big of a deal because everyone knew no one will last forever simply by being an employee which the generations prior didn’t have as a mindset but worked all their lives & retired broke. My desires were far higher than the most productive employee in the organization so everything I did was to leverage my knowledge & skills for building my own business sooner or later.

As creepy as it may sound but truly what you wish for you will receive – forget about planning. This is exactly why having a life is a gift in this planet. Time & space are elusions. What ever you want you will receive so why not want more to be & do more? Not that big of question!

To someone who is afraid of taking 100% responsibility of their lives to desire more would feel sorry for me for changing 4 jobs in a 5 years’ time-frame. It says a lot on sustainability, peace of mind & way of life. But to me that is exactly what I dreamed of since high school time when I used to sleep in the toilet just not to get to class & listen to the teacher have me as a failure example to the other students which they had hope in.

Maintain your desire for more hunger, it is not only what the world wants “leaders” but also to explore life’s dimensions which means living before resting in peace forever.

To your Success,