Do you know that businesses don’t pay like employees do?

The main reason is because they are more generous. By simply providing services & products to the country for living a better more convenient & interesting life. Let’s take a closer look here what does that have to do with anything.


Now, we want to be successful & live a pleasant life. Agree? Ok how to do so… simply by realizing you are born full, perfect & rich. All you need to do is show it to yourself & others so they can share your pleasures. Non-of us knew what we like & dislike till we kept searching & switching our enjoyments as we grow from one field to the next depending on our priorities & mental awareness state at the given periods. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates & Elon Musk never knew they love technology till they gave it a shot. They all used to sleep in their offices by doing what they love 24-7 365 days. iPhone 1 is not as better & developed as the latest iPhone today.

Perfection is paralysis, start somewhere/anywhere – just push the start button & give yourself a chance to try what you “MIGHT” like to do & do well in helping society.

Here is a basic classical approach to do to help you know what you are willing to trade your time for:

  1. Pen & paper
  2. List of 100 things you like, think like, might like, will like now & in the future to do.\
  3. Read the list daily
  4. CONGRADUALATIONS – You are 99% successfully victorious

Then…? This exercise will simply allow your mind & body to function in their natural ways for serving you on what you want. By only believing you have the free-will do this exercise you have broke multiple layers of glass ceilings that you are not aware of which have been installed in your mind & body from your external environment that are leading you to not create the life you want as a leader but to fearfully follow the instructions your family & friends have forced you to follow unethically.

90% of our awareness only grow through practice. This is called learning. Without practice you are not learning anything but only expanding your awareness – reading this blog is an awareness expansion tool & not a learning method. If you don’t start with the Pen & Paper, then chances of you living a life worth of your time is close to 0.

To your success