The reason the industry according to Forbes is $41.81 Billion industry in 2021 with an annual compound growth rate of 5.5% is simply because that is where the ultimate science & art falls. The skills, leadership, and management individually or with peer groups shine here.

One of my favorite topics to talk about. The personal development & self-education industries. The reason why I merged both is simply that they go hand in hand & are close buddies. Yes, 90% of personal development programs start with self-education aftershocks, traumas, disappointments & failures in life. 99% of people do them without realizing there are whole industries of them.

I love this topic not only because I am an expert in it but also because it is where my main business niche relates to. This blog, my Youtube channel, books & my appetite when it comes to giving back to society. I choose this industry to work in & excel not because of its market demand & growth “especially after Covid” due to its convenience “100% online learning” but because it took me from where I was to where I want to be. Decisions were based on this mindset.

Convenience means no pre-requisites required other than “wanting” to learn, be or do anything which you want to do for feeling successful. There are no qualifications needed, age restrictions, religion or gender specifications or even money & experience required. You can start from wherever you are in your life & reach wherever you want to be “even if you’re not even sure about that as well.” It may sound simple but it is not easy because just like in any industry- commitment & accountability are key here.

Question: So why do you need to learn about personal development & self-education?

Answer: because just like you needed to go school in your life & everyone that you know of.

Question: What do you mean Khalid?

Answer/Question: Good question fam. Why do you go to school?

Answer: To learn & graduate so I can work.

Question: Learn about what & work where. Specify?

Answer: A place where I like that accepts me.

Question: What if you don’t know what you like & who accepts you? How about minimizing the risk of time & money which you will be spending to find the answer & do a little homework now so your path has more clarity which will lead you to constant happiness & approval of doing only what you love & want to do. Doesn’t that sound more reasonable?

To help answer for you my last question, that is why 99% of people are broke & homeless. Simply because of the discussion paragraph above. Nobody talks about it thinking it should be made when you at the university level & in most homes, they just copy their family members thinking they’re identical to them or whatever the counselor at the university feels is good for you & them.

I am speaking from example because I feel ashamed to have wasted 10 years of my life feeling overwhelmed from being lost to where to focus on in my life/career. I am not suggesting for you to be in the same industry I am but I am only telling you how it has helped me with 0 costs & experience. The only skill which I needed was to be able to be a good student. Coachable, teachable & learnable from my mentors because I believed in them from their physical successes more than myself with the thinking of I have nothing to lose- $0 down. Simply just open my ears & eyes with an open mind to expand my context to absorb more content.

The more expensive “which is what is currently happening in today’s world whether you like it or not” the schooling system gets, the higher the demand for the personal development & self-education industries get. The reason is that:

0 cost to begin with

Convenience (learn from a preferred place, time & schedule)

Education that is up to date with the market & world

A field of education where you choose based on your preference & go to mastery level where you get paid passively=without an exchange of your time. Simply said you can turn it into a business, not just a job to experience freedom.

In summary, there are 4 main areas to the industry where every human has an interest in & cannot live without (Mental, Social, Physical & Financial) in bonus spiritual & psychological. The magic is you cannot excel in one & leave the other tanks empty. They are all integrated one way than another which will save you time & effort to feel & be successful.