We get what we want when we stop insisting on it. Cravings create distance between us & our goals. The more we crave the further the distance gets. The simplest & effective way to overcome the distance is through being in a state of gratitude “an attitude of gratitude.”

So, what does an attitude of gratitude have to do with the post title “Letting go”?

Simply you cannot be in the gratitude frequency & state until you have the attitude of letting go.

Letting go of:

  1. Negative thoughts stored in the memory
  2. Neediness & cravings
  3. Pride & anger
  4. Stress & doubts

Looking at the list clearly shows there is nothing positive or near the word gratitude. They don’t mix. It’s either left or right. The good news is due to their low energy the letting go behavior can easily wash them away to have enough space for gratefulness. If you simply detach your feelings from your body & pay attention to them, you will see they will vanish within 1 minute. That is how weak they are. For that reason, simply observing them & letting them go is an effective technique used by countless people to overcome their state & be in heaven without the inconvenience of dying.

The longer the trauma is stored in the long-term memory the harder it gets for the mind to overcome it because now that memory & energy has transferred to the body as a backup knowing the heart holds 1kx more energy than the mind to deal with it- & here I welcome you to sickness.

So if that’s the case you can start playing with the shocks through:

  1. Analyzing & questioning them
  2. Examining & reverse engineering them
  3. Writing them & observing with from different angles.

Most people simply just let the thoughts be till they can no longer handle their minds & start to react instead of responding to them. The only issue in this default way which 99% of the people encounter is that (IT DOES NOT WORK). The lower self does not work because it has very low energy. You need 10x more energy through feeling self-worthy & confident to solve the “BIG” issue which has blown your mind & became fixated for that long period of yours. Being on the lowest frequencies of the human mind & body is impractical & doesn’t make sense it can solve your big challenges.

Not letting go is a result of fear, wanting to control & ego about what will happen next. Surrender to what will happen next will lead us to be in a heavenly flow of life circumstances in our journey to our destiny.


Anger leads to binding, bondage & entanglement=, not freedom. The more you indulge in anything the more energy & focus is there. Just like guilt, the price outweighs its reward. These are mind made & cost you freedom. On the other hand, appreciation, knowledge & love cannot be attacked because they come from acceptance & surrender to what is. It is safer to invest in an area where it cannot be attacked & vulnerable than easily attacked & fragile. Like investing in your fulfillment & intellect than cryptocurrency for example. At least you know nobody can take it from you because it is not linked with anything/anyone than yourself.

So the question lies here are you self-worthy enough to invest in yourself more through education in living the life you demand?

Dig deeper & look at surrender as a sign of power, faith & blessing than weakness & ignorance. While surrendering you become more responsible because you get the universe to be involved in your situation to solve it, & how much energy, blessing, wisdom & power is there in the universe? Compare that with yourself. Yes, no comparison 1 out of 8 billion.

To do Homework

Write down to let go of popular barriers in society heard like:

  1. No pain no gain
  2. Suffering is good
  3. Easy come easy go
  4. Simple is worthless

To your Letting go & Success