“If you procrastinate your gardening = weeds will grow more as time passes.”

If there is a thing that I have been blessed with the entire period of my life is “being more organized than the environment I am in.” The reason why I mentioned my environment is simply that they used to laugh at me sorrily feeling I am a perfectionist who is in love with a lack of self-confidence & fear. Part of the judgment was true just like any other human being but the other half was a gift from God. As growing through life I realized the power of my God-given gift which is to love organizing & managing. What got attracted me was studying for 10 years with the best teachers in organizing & being neat. The British School of Kuwait. Yes, thank you mother for saving my life & giving me the unfair advantage of shifting from a public school to a private British School.

“Any work left undone leads to weeds, especially in our brains.”

I believe in the concept of “How you do anything is how you do everything.” That being said the physical (external) is a reflection of the non-physical (internal). One of God’s given gifts to us all is we love & feel comfortable with clarity which is a result of proper organizing & management. It feels & looks good. Whether it is an outfit, dress, thought, or spoken words. There is rhythm in them all just like how this solar system is perfectly functioning in the exact same format by nature.

The above graph shows how accountable we must be in our lives. There is no other way around it. If we don’t take care of the job one way or another it will simply get comfortable growing up doing what it’s doing. Abundance is everywhere the reason why you are not seeing it is that your mess is blocking the way from you seeing it. It all starts with your internal (thoughts, feelings, self-image) which translates to the externals (house, office, relationships). The best way to start living in abundance is by unlocking your gratitude for life by being alive. Secondly, list daily 10 things for which YOU are grateful even if it was a simple homemade cup of coffee on that given day on which you are writing your gratitude list on.

This will increase your courage, and self-esteem & make the change to living a healthier life. You will not tolerate laziness, trying to do it all alone syndrome & emotional crowdedness which are all heavy chains on legs that you have made by neglecting the responsibility of living a sensible & convenient daily lifestyle. Success leaves clues: look at any successful person you know & see how they look, talk & smile. They represent confidence, ease & professionalism which is a result of healthy living.


  1. Hire a temporary partner/human to help clean your home.
  2. Donate any clothing that has not been worn past 6+ months.
  3. Clean up your email inbox, office, and mobile phone (delete unwanted apps).
  4. Go on a week mental detox restore formats (minimize your talking & watch your thoughts & words from being negative)
  5. Let go of any toxic relationship that no longer serves you in any way