Have you heard about the word “Limitless life” before? What if I told you that you are born with what it takes to a live a limitless life…? I know you’re wondering of the 5 W’s: how-what-why-when-where!

Ok let’s begin with first, we all agree that we are in perfect control of our thoughts. The whole equation is over if you really take a closer look into it but let’s give it some spices are have a helpful conversation as of now to elaborate more into it.

Why most people if not 90% of the planet doesn’t live a pleasant life is due to external beliefs and distractions from their environment not because they are born in an unpleasant planet or being. What do I mean by that is simply if we take 100% RESPONSIBILITY to create the BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST thoughts in our minds that we believe will serve us well we would simply do so. The issue is we don’t, & of course there are reasons for that mainly due to our past conditionings. This is called in the psychological world- entanglement. Where you simply feel you don’t have the freedom to think & create what you feel is best for you regardless of your current conditions.

Once we affirm “I am responsible” 100x daily – we will get to notice that there are no negative engines fueling our thoughts & actions exhausting us every second of the day. Try it now & see for yourself before moving on further with this post.

As simple & easy profound as it may look 90-99.9% of people take it for granted because it is easier for them to not face their failures & blame their past on somebody else.

Let’s move on to the next steppingstone of the lesson & clarify what will happen next for you to live a limitless life: YOU will start understanding & appreciating the current present generous moment because you will feel & realize it is serving you the BEST way you want it to. So, there is no room for past or future but only NOW because that is more than what you need to have to create the best possible thoughts through your imagination & enjoy your moment which you will gradually believe 50%+ of these thoughts are doable in the real world & your capable of making them reality just like any other thought that you had & became physical or emotional.

Congratulations! Now you have peaked to the last point where you come to realize how POWERFUL your thoughts are to your life & your mind & body will start to change to how you have dreamed them to be since childhood. Intelligence is a personality not an IQ score. It is about connecting the dots & living in symmetry with the being as whole not in separation just to understand a specific information.

I dedicate this post to my Guru & mentor in the personal development & high achievement field – SadhGuru , Inner-Engineering course.

To your Success,