Have you ever heard of a “To Be List” before ?

A mind-shift is not enough

Interesting I did not come to understand the word identity prior to learning from the 5% of the shakers & movers of our planet. If you wish to live your life under your terms then being a Dragon is not a question to doubt with. What this means you can have the right to not own the jungle but the sky. Fly & blow fire out of your thick skin.

So how do you become a Dragon?

Simply look at it this way: we have went to many food diets that we temporarily stopped eating the foods that harm us one way & another but unfortunately we come to eat that back again. It is a decision which we choose to have. This is a perfect example of a mind-shift. But when we talk about identity shift we talk about quit smoking forever. This means when ever we hear, smell & see anything got to do with smoking we become sick that we move away & feel blessed we have. There is a huge difference between the two.

To liaise the identity shift for you I came with a proven formula tested over again & that is to create a “To Be List”. Some basic examples of a To Be List can be:

  1. Dragon leader
  2. Dragon coach/expert (in ….. field)
  3. Dragon marketer/closer
  4. Dragon media manager
  5. Dragon author/writer

Hint: adding other people’s (team members) to do list on your list will escalate your success & growth % drastically. Why? Because you know you can never or should ever get there alone. Put the right people in the right places with a system that everyone understands who fit the position even if your not available. This will lead to mastery & growth just like McDonald’s food chain.

Dragon key characteristics check-list:

  • Use leverage (OP -Other People’s: Time, Money, Skills, Experience, Knowledge, Connections
  • Make profit to invest in business as a top priority
  • Understand to lead by example because knowledge & experience can never be taken away
  • Appreciate their value & abundance to serve the market: why them? why now?
  • Not desperate for money & does not chase it- money chases them
  • Live their dreams & challenge their reality to catch up
  • Not of afraid of success & its responsibility: highly intimate to the whole world
  • Surround with dragons or fly alone (nothing else)
  • Create & sculp themselves to match the skills required for their goals
  • Formless like the sky & water to go through all that they desire
  • Create systems to mastery in business & life
  • Coachable, trainable, adjustable, adaptable

“Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.” – Bruce Lee.