How did you feel when you read this affirmation? Joyful and excited? Skeptical? Confused?

I ask because your answer will give you some insight into your paradigm (your subconscious programming).

You see, if you felt good after reading the affirmation that means the statement is in harmony with your paradigm and there’s a good chance the affirmation will work for you. So I urge you to repeat the statement every day this month because affirmations have helped thousands of people make significant changes in their lives.

However, if you felt skeptical or negative in any way when you read it, well, that’s a different story. It means the affirmation is not aligned with your subconscious programming, and therefore, it’s not going to work without some extra effort on your part.

In fact, ANY affirmation that you resist or reject is useless unless you change your paradigm.

That’s because your paradigm determines how you feel about a thought or idea, and your feelings cause your behavior which creates the results in your life.

However, when you become AWARE of your paradigm and then decide to change it, then you open the door for new thoughts/ideas (like affirmations) to take root in your subconscious.

For example, if your paradigm is that you have little control over your life, you won’t automatically believe that you are the artist of your reality. In fact, the first time you read it, you will actually feel bad because it seems unrealistic.

But … you will feel less resistance and thus be more willing to accept the new thought through awareness and proper action. By that I mean consciously impressing the affirmation upon the subconscious over and over until it becomes fixed in the mind.

In other words, this encouraging thought will lead to empowering feelings, actions, and finally the new result that you want. In this case, a beautiful life.

Just imagine how your entire life will change as you begin to consciously create your reality. The change will be huge. And because you’ve changed your paradigm, it will be PERMANENT.

Start using affirmations to improve the quality of every area of your life. They always work when you get your intellectual (conscious) mind working in harmony with your emotional (subconscious) mind. Then, and only then, will your actions create the results you want.

To your success,