Humans aren’t alone in having a purpose.

Everything in nature is always expanding or evolving towards fulfillment.
Think about it…

A bee wants to pollinate flowers and trees. A plant produces oxygen. A cloud forms to produce rain.

However, unlike plants and other living creatures, you and I don’t have to accept the environment we are in. Humans have the unique ability to co-create our reality through our thoughts.

As a result, instead of all members of the species having the same overriding purpose (e.g., pollination for bees), each person has his or her own unique purpose. And it’s up to the individual to discover what that purpose is.

The problem is we get so caught up and bogged down with our daily activities and obligations that our awareness of our own unique life purpose is easily shrouded over.

When you don’t know your purpose, however, there are consequences. You may have a continuing sense of frustration. Or you might feel like you’re “off-track” or out of sync with your inner self.

Make sure you’re clear on this

Some people confuse their goals and desires with the life purpose. But there’s a significant distinction.

Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll have a succession of desires and goals. However, your purpose is deeper and more permanent than any goal. It’s your reason for living.

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to write a book and, one day, you set a goal to do so. The thought of it excites you because you want to make money, be well-known, change people’s lives, or build a legacy.

Even though writing a book is a terrific accomplishment, it doesn’t give you a reason to stay alive. That is what a purpose does. It gives you a reason to get up in the morning, every day of your life.

Is it love?

People who discover their life purpose use their mental, emotional and creative energies to develop a skill, talent, or interest they love.

When you give yourself to something you genuinely love, it calls forth your spirit. That makes you happier and more fulfilled, and you feel like you’re in sync with your inner self.

What’s more, your everyday life takes on new meaning as you share your gift with the world.

Action is where you get results

I know it’s not always easy to think your way into finding your life purpose. If you’re too much “in your head,” you may have to act your way into it.

The more we act, the more we get clear on things. So, while you’re working on discovering your purpose, be sure to do whatever you’re currently doing the best you can. Give it all that you’ve got.

And, instead of worrying about whether something will work out, if you should try something, or if you can make money at it, just do it. Start trying new things to see where they lead you. This will help you get out of your own way.

The experience of doing a great job or trying something new is its own reward. Clarity comes through the process of exploring and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Stop wasting your time

When you do feel a pull towards an activity, idea, or opportunity that involves doing something you love, pursue it fully and vigorously. Then, pay attention to the feedback your actions give you along the way.

Infuse all your actions with love for what you’re engaging with. That includes all the people you interact with, as well.

If you consciously infuse your thoughts, emotions and behavior with positive, life-affirming energy, it will be easier for you to see your true purpose with greater clarity.

A magnet steadily pulling you towards it

Hazrat Inayat Khan, a Sufi spiritual leader, described the pull of your purpose in this way:

…one may suddenly think during the night, “I must go to the north,” and in the morning, he sets out on his journey. He does not know why, he does not know what he is to accomplish there, he only knows that he must go. By going there, he finds something that he has to do and sees that it was the hand of destiny pushing him towards the accomplishment of that purpose which inspired him to go to the north.

I find that people who set out to “go to the north” and discover their life purpose live their life in service and bliss. They recognize that they are hard-wired to do something very well and that talent, skill, or ability will blossom when they discover it.

Are you ready to go north? I promise it will be the ride of your life. Enjoy your travels!

To your success,