According to google translation:

Imposter syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud.

It disproportionately affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. Many questions whether they’re deserving of accolades.

Has that definition ever come across you before? Leave the word imposter for now & let us focus on the side effect. Once I first heard this in a live training a month ago – June 2022, I was electrified. The reason for that was because it resonated within me instantly making me believe this syndrome is so true & real.

If I had to announce then it is the #1 reason why I did not face success when I first knew what the word success meant. The sad part of it is that it is chronic & never-ending no matter what success level you are in your journey in life. That being said you must overcome it continuously & consistently. The good news is that once you recognize it once, the second time it will be much easier. However you can call it flu, it will keep facing you from time-time depending on the environment & season of the year.

As said the cure is fixed & simple just like flu however it never stops coming for a good reason of course because nothing in life is bad if you think of it from a personal growth lens. I will not jump into that as of now in greater detail but let us look at it in the famous ancient Chinese philosophy of the yin & yang in keeping the universe at a stable rhythm constantly.

“You are not ready now”

“You don’t have what it takes”

“You don’t belong there”

“Don’t lie to yourself & them”

“Do I deserve all this?”

I believe these voices are familiar to you & to every human being on this planet/universe – because the moon has now become a weekend trip for some of us.

Now that we have made sure what the syndrome is & that you have come across it often in your life especially when your ambitions & desires start to kick in for whatever reason made it let’s see how to overcome it & make an identity shift to some changes for better results in you & to the world.

Terms of usage to overcome syndrome:

  1. Affirm 100x daily (I like, accept, approve & proud of myself)
  2. Do what you fear by taking new challenges, and new risks, socialize more, post on social media more often, develop new skills, join new communities & groups/online-offline, go on a date, run a marathon, and daily journaling.

Once you recognize & take action through writing & tracking your accomplishments you will instantly overcome the syndrome, develop confidence & grow beyond the limitation which your syndrome hates. This will be a proven track record of actions & results to yourself/syndrome which will help in the cure. The more records the faster & easier it is to overcome the syndrome.